As parking is very limited at Circle Bar B, we are providing transportation for our guests on the LOVE BUS. 

Following is the schedule and bus pick up location maps, pending traffic, we should be able to run as close to these times as possible. Keep an eye out for the big black fun school buses that say LOVE BUS

4pm Sharp- Bus departs from Castillo/Carrillo commuter lot, Downtown Santa Barbara

4:30pm Sharp- Bus departs from University Plaza Shopping Center, North Goleta

5pm Ceremony

9:30pm Early Guest Return from Circle Bar B to above lots

12am Final Guest Return from Circle Bar B to above lots

There will be bottled water on ice in the bus and we ask that gentlemen stand if a lady needs a seat. Beverages of all kinds are permitted on the bus. Feel free to bring what ever you like to enjoy the ride to or from the ceremony and reception.

If you show up after the listed departure times below, please call or text Sierra at 805-256-5436 for an update on the buses arrival or departure time or alternative transportation options i.e Uber, Lyft or Taxi.